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What Is The Law of Attraction?

We find the teachings of Abraham ( a wonderful source of learning and inspiration.

The Law of Attraction states “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Basically, that means what you focus on, you get more of. What you pay attention to gets bigger… and plays bigger in your life experience. Your conscious and unconscious beliefs determine what joy, abundance, suffering and lack you find in your life.

One of the basic tenets of the Law of Attraction (LoA) is that the universe is a wonderful, abundant, loving place. Any lack we experience is because of our perceptions. If we are open to allowing abundance in our lives, we can receive it. Many of us were raised with beliefs that we must deserve it, work hard for it, there is only a little bit, only other people get good things, etc. As we shift those limiting beliefs, we find our lives becoming richer and full of possibilities. A wonderful resource for shifting those beliefs is Carol Look’s Book on Attracting Financial Abundance.

How do we activate the Law of Attraction?

We don’t need to activate the LoA, that’s really a misnomer. The Law of Attraction is always at work, just like gravity. If we become conscious of the law and understand how it works, as Newton helped us understand why things fall, we can use it much more easily, send a rocket ship to the moon!

We’re talking about being conscious of the Law of Attraction. If we accept that this really is a vibrational universe that responds to the energy and desires we are sending out, then improving our lives is about activating the LoA CONSCIOUSLY with CHOICE. This leads us to purposely improving our vibration and intentionally removing blocks so we can attract what we want in our lives… including the emotional experience of financial abundance. Energy Tapping is a powerful way to change our vibration and release the blocks that keep us from living the life we choose.

So how do I consciously use the Law of Attraction?

As we change our vibration, even slightly, we start attracting different things into our lives. Energy Tapping consciously uses energy. It helps us change our vibration by identifying what is in our way, and releasing it. We can also choose our focus, and be open to seeing things in a more positive light

We can also start noticing the thoughts and beliefs that direct our actions, rather than operating on autopilot. What fears and negative beliefs cause us to reject a friend’s offer of help? Or make us stumble at a job interview we’d really like to go smoothly. As we identify the blocks, some tapping will often shift them out of our way.

What are the steps for Law of Attraction?

Abraham says that there are 3 steps involved in abundance.

1. Asking (and he says we’re already really good at that, we generally know how to wish and dream well).

2. The universe providing (this is not our job, and it happens without any effort on our part, it is done).

3. Allowing what we’ve asked for.

The last step, Allowing, is where people generally have the most trouble. Fears, beliefs about scarcity, and self judgments get in the way. So the biggest problem is allowing what we’ve asked for to come to us. We can change our beliefs and focus so we can receive what we’ve been asking for. We can tap on our beliefs around Scarcity, and Self-Judgments we have about abundance.

One of the misconceptions about LoA is that we must never look at anything bad. While, it’s true that focusing what is going good in our lives helps our vibration, it’s okay to acknowledge “I am where I am“. Especially since looking at ourselves objectively allows us to notice what we’d like to change.

In other words, it is not so helpful to dwell on everything “wrong” or possibly bad in your life. When we focus on all the things that are bad, we lower our vibration, and the universe sends us more to match what we’re sending out. Notice where you are, and what you’d like to change. Then tap on the issues that are holding you back, and move your focus to what is going right in your life.

I remember one person sharing, that when she first started this process she was so sick and miserable, the only good thing she could find in her life was the pretty color of her bedspread. By focusing on the color, how it made her feel and her gratitude for that one positive aspect, she shifted her vibration. As we move old negative blocks out of the way, it becomes easier and easier to notice the beauty and joy all around us. Tapping on the positive can help that trend.

Denial of what is going on doesn’t work. The more we resist a thought or feeling, the more energy we give it. And denial is frightening– if you can’t even look at what you fear, your mind thinks that it’s too big to deal with. If a fear or belief is in your way, stop, look and shift it. And continue practicing noticing the good things that are going on.

What will happen when I start intentionally using LoA?

Your deliberate effort to tell a new story will establish a new pattern of thought, providing you with a new point of attraction from your present, about your past, and into your future. The simple effort of looking for positive aspects will set a new vibrational tone that will begin the immediate attraction of thoughts, people, circumstances, and things that are pleasing to you.

Am I bad if bad things happen?

Accepting that we are the prime creators in our own lives is very empowering. But some people use this as a reason to beat themselves up if they have a negative experience. What you are manifesting is SIMPLY a vibrational indicator… not blame or something to beat yourself up about. If the gas gauge on your car were empty, you wouldn’t ignore it, or beat yourself up about it. You wouldn’t plaster a smiley face sticker over it and hope that everything will be ok. You would notice it, and do something about it (go to the gas station and fill it up). If you find less pleasing events occurring in your life, stop and notice what might be attracting them, and do some tapping!

How do I change my focus?

There are different levels of changing focus and our direction of vibration for Law of Attraction.

The first one doesn’t really work, but many people who watch “The Secret” try this. It’s called resisting. Don’t think about the bad stuff, ignore it with all your might!!! It doesn’t actually work. If someone tells you, “don’t think of pink elephant in center of room”, you would immediately be very aware of it. If you try not to think about your right knee, you immediately focus on it. Whatever we are resisting, we are still focusing on. We are still vibrating at the lower energy.

We can change focus. This is a shorter term fix, but it keeps us from wallowing in the mud. Something like, “Even though I missed my flight (acknowledging what happened), I was able to get another in an hour, and I can relax and talk to my friend on the phone in the meantime. It’s not the end of the world!” Even when something is going “wrong” we can focus on what is going right, appreciate, radiate love for someone, to someone. Or at least switch to NEUTRAL with a simple tapping-breathing exercise. And then as soon as possible, stop beating the drum of the negative experience. How do we tell the difference between processing negative experiences and beating the drum? Notice if the negative energy getting more intense with the retelling? Or less? If it’s intensifying, we’re probably dwelling on it, rather than processing it out.

The last way to change our focus involves changing our conscious and unconscious beliefs using tapping or other techniques. Our focus will naturally change as we release blocks and old beliefs. To do this, we identify the belief or fear that is coming up and drawing our attention to the negative. It often helps to think back to where we learned that energy, perhaps it was a parent or teacher telling us the “rule” or an incident that we interpreted to mean that. Then we can tap on it, and reframe the believe into something more useful and productive for our wellbeing.

Depending on the situation you’re in when you notice a limiting belief (if you’re in the middle of meeting, you probably can’t start tapping on an intense issue) choose which level of change is appropriate. Take notes on what’s coming up if possible, and tap when you can.

Why don’t we manifest our desires immediately?

If this is an abundant universe that is responsive to what I want, why do I have to wait to get what I’m asking for? Abraham mentions that there is a delay in manifesting, with good reason. If we were manifesting every thought and passing desire, it would be a strange life. Very discontinuous. We’d be eating a bowl of ice cream and it would start changing from chocolate to strawberry to mint.

The universe seems to give us time to “try things on” in our minds, and if we keep asking, then it can arrive in our lives. Our tastes, our preferences, change ALL the time. Manifesting slows down the flow IN PHYSICAL, yet we can savor the vibrational essence of our desires immediately. Once we manifest something (like a relationship that is a match to us at the time), we want to explore that, and it can slow down our movement toward who we want to be.

How do we claim abundance NOW?

At some point, we make a decision. We decide that abundance exists. That there is evidence that the universe is abundant. We make a choice to claim joint ownership in the abundance in the world AS IT IS.

“I acknowledge those things that are abundant, right here, right now.”

By tuning our focus to what is good in our lives, we can shift VIBRATIONALLY from miserable to okay, then from okay to pretty good. And when we’re in a vibrational place of “okay,” we’re much more open to other options that we couldn’t remotely see when we were miserable. It’s much harder to notice ways we can improve our lives when we’re spending all our energy and time complaining and noticing what’s going wrong.

Birds don’t own the seeds in the field, and they don’t have a bank account with money to buy more, but they sing and celebrate and really enjoy the seeds and worms that are a part of their life! If we can appreciate something we spent a few dollars on, that someone created for us, or we created for ourselves, that is abundance.

Practice celebrating! And tap on any fears that come up about not having enough security or safety. If we are fearful, we will not feel safe even if we have lots of money in the bank, a wonderful partner, a healthy body or a great house. Instead, we’ll be fearing, “What if the bank crashes!!?!?”, “What if I get sick and need more money?”, “What if he leaves me”, “What if it’s not enough???” Many people say “I will allow myself to feel abundant when ____.” (When I have a million dollars, for example). If you haven’t practiced feeling abundant along the way, you probably won’t find the FEELING of ABUNDANCE when the million dollars shows up, or it will be a fleeting experience. You might suddenly realize you need 10 million to really feel secure.

What do I do?

To allow more abundance in your life,
– Notice what is blocking you (fears, beliefs, rules) and tap on them.
– Spend time appreciating and feeling grateful for what is in your life that feels good.
– Be gentle with yourself, realize this is a process, and you will get better and better at it as you practice!

Mining the moment for something that feels good, something to appreciate, something to savor, something to take in, that’s what your moments are about. They’re not about justifying your existence. It’s justified. You exist. It’s not about proving your worthiness. It’s done. You’re worthy. It’s not about achieving success. You never get it done. It’s about “How much can this moment deliver to me”? And some of you like them fast, some of you like them slow. No one’s taking score. You get to choose. The only measurement is between my desire and my allowing. And your emotions tell you everything about that.
Abraham-Hicks, April 20th, 2002

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