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Energy Tapping:
Rick Wilkes‘ Energy Tapping coaching site with free recordings on tapping, discussions on Law of Attraction, and a store with audios for purchase. The group coaching program is offered here as well.
Free Tips, downloads and applications of Energy Tapping
Tapping, proven marketing tips, and ideas to help you create the business of your dreams… and have fun doing it!
Carol Look‘s Tapping site- benchmark!
Wonderful DVD on Tapping featuring Rick Wilkes and Carol Look.
Karl Dawson talks about Matrix Reimprinting. A powerful healing technique.

Other Useful Sites:
Law of Attraction at its best!
Developmental Need Meeting Strategy, insight into inner children.
AudioAcrobat- great for recording sessions.

For Fun and Entertainment!

My wonderful and kooky Aunt Marilyn is an amazing singer! She is living her dream (after a career as an inspiring English Teacher) of being on stage and evoking memories of yesteryear. I’m delighted to share her gift with you: