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Reaching for Ourselves

How many of us have dreamed that someday we’ll be happy? We were brought up on stories of Cinderella and Snow White. And they suffered and were lonely and didn’t fight back, and somehow that “earned” them a wonderful life, complete with Prince and Castle.

How long do we have to suffer? In silence? Smile and hope while our hearts ache? And where is that damn Prince (or Princess) anyway?!

Maybe it’s time to see that we are our own Prince-Charming. Abe says the reason we love people is because they help us connect with our inner being, ourselves. Instead of waiting for our hero, let’s become our own hero!

I’m not saying we can’t admire other people, form deep and sometimes lasting connections. But when our best and most important connection is with ourselves, what freedom! What joy!

What keeps you from reaching for yourself? What shame or pain or guilt do you carry that prevents you from loving yourself? What judgments get in the way?

Are you overweight and believe that no one overweight deserves love? Or at least not you? Do you have debt? Do you smoke? Did something terrible happen in the past? Tapping on the judgments around the issue can soften them- allowing you to get closer to yourself. And when you release the judgement, you might find yourself releasing the pounds, red marks on your bank statement, cigarettes and pain.

Writing the believes and judgments out can help. Reading them back while you tap may be profound. And if you need help, ask a close friend, a tapping buddy, or a coach to guide you. Sometimes it’s harder to see our own blocks.

Best wishes on the hunt for your own true love- yourself!