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Law of Attraction

Finding a balance: being positive does not mean ignoring reality

Abe uses an analogy of a gas gauge. Slapping a smiley face sticker over the gas gauge when it’s pointing to empty will not help us flow to abundance. Activating the Law of Attraction to bring us abundance of any kind (love, money, sucess) is not about ignoring reality. That’s rather like holding a beach ball under water- it takes time, focus and energy, and it gets tiring after awhile!

Sticking with Abe’s analogy of the gas gauge, let’s explore this:

Say we’re stuck on the side of the road, out of gas. Slapping a happy sticker over the gas gauge is not going to get us anywhere. It isn’t going to get the tank filled or get us a ride. Pretending with all our might that we’re at our destination already won’t force that to happen. If someone stopped and offered a ride, would you say “no thanks, I am focusing on the tank being full and I’m going to sit here until it fills up”??

Getting out of the car and stomping and swearing and kicking the car won’t do much to help either (though it might entertain someone passing by, they may decide it isn’t safe to stop and help an insane person…).

We’re blessed because we have tapping. We can tap on any panic or anger or blame that’s coming up, acknowlege them and release them, so we can make calm and connected decisions. We can ask for and listen to what guidance comes.

We can make a phone call to AAA or a friend if we have a cell phone. We can look around to see if there is someplace we can get help. If neither is an option (say we’re out of cell range and there aren’t any houses or businesses nearby), we can put the hood up so people know we need help. We can decide if it feels right to try walking forward or going back. So we are looking at the current reality – but not DWELLING on the negative. We are looking for openings, for solutions.

Say that the best decision seems to be to wait until someone sends help. We can do some tapping asking the universe to help us, and to remove whatever stress might be coming up. At this point, staying focused on the problem isn’t really helpful. We have looked squarely at the issue, tapped to get to a calm centered place and to ask for guidance and help. We’ve taken what actions we can reasonably take. So instead of staying focused on the problem, we can draw our attention to the positive around us. We can feel how helpful it is that we have tapping to help with the emotions, be grateful that we remembered to tap, notice how comfy the car seat is (much better than sitting in a rocky dusty anthill on the side of the road). The breeze might be nice, getting some sun and being outdoors can be enjoyable. We can contemplate possible good solutions to help arriving, notice how we feel when we connect with the energy of it happening, without requiring that the universe deliver it just in that manner. Our vibration is at least neutral, and maybe even calmly content?! We have some nice down time to be by ourselves, enjoying the day and our own company. The universe can feel that openness and happiness. And our intention and willingness that a wonderful easy solution manifest. We are also willing to do what feels right to help that along.

Compare that to a person who is stuck in the negative. Reacting out of panic. Anger. Gloom and doom. 1) It is much harder to make good decisions from that place, and 2) we aren’t enjoying life or very open to possibilities. Even if both people had to wait the same amount of time for a tow truck, whose body feels light and relaxed, and whose is stressed, exhausted and ill? Who has energy to complete the journey in a safe and fun way? And feels pretty good about themselves?

This applies to emotional and physical pain as well. We don’t have to do it all at once- either. When the pain is long standing and based on deeply held beliefs and traumas, we often can’t tap it away in a few rounds. So if we set aside some time for us, each day or as feels right to our body, to look squarely at where we are. Then tap on the emotions around it and any underlying memories and traumas. We can tap for guidance and take the actions we feel drawn to do- get a massage, get a coaching session, take a nap, journal, mediate- whatever. Then we can turn it over to the universe and appreciate what is going good in our life rather than dwelling on the pain. (We do know that can be very difficult when the pain is intense- we’re not saying you have to walk around with a smile on your face all the time, but most people have something they can appreciate, even if it’s that the pain is a bit less right now, and the color of the curtains in the sun is rather pretty.) Finding that balance is not always graceful or smooth- but following body guidance and taking things in baby steps makes it easier. And practice helps a lot. Sometimes it can help to ask “is there anything I can do in this moment to help?”. It might be as simple as taking a deep breath, noticing source energy around you loving you, or just tuning into your body.

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