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Group Coaching

Many of us are isolated and feel alone with our problems. Research studies show the benefits of groups for healing everything from grief to cancer. Having witnesses for our journey, sharing our struggles and successes, receiving and offering new perspectives and approaches, all make the process more fun and easier. Building new friendships is a wonderful bonus.

In addition, group coaching is very cost effective. With the Thriving Now TEAM, you have access to hundreds of hours of recordings for borrowing benefits, a forum for sharing and celebrating, and 10+ hours a month of teleclasses where you can request help with your specific issues (Rick and I typically work with 3-4 people each call). In addition, there are special topic workshops on Financial Abundance and Body Image and Vitality.

You get the insight and guidance of two coaches, which goes a long way to establishing a circle of support and emotional health and security.

If this sounds like¬†something you’d like to try, Join the Thriving Now Team membership is only $47/month.

You can cancel anytime!

And there is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

This is Quite simply the most outrageous value in life coaching… ever!

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