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When We’re Blind to Love

For many of us, having love in our life is the whipped cream on top of … well… just about anything. It makes life delicious!

If we grew up not feeling loved or understood or as connected as we wanted, we may have blocks to allowing warm, loving connection into our lives now. We may not notice […]

Tapping Yourself to Sleep

We all have trouble sleeping sometimes. When you’re stressed or in pain (emotional or physical) it can be difficult to get the rest you desperately want… the rest your body is begging for. When you’re exhausted, it seems impossible to raise your vibration and feel just “okay” … and forget feeling joyful!

What do you do?

You can […]

What Brings You Joy?

Most people would love to feel more delight, more connection. But where is it? […]

Inner Tapping

If you want to target the root cause of fears, beliefs, and blocks, Inner Tapping can help. And it is a potent way to unfreeze old traumas still stuck in your energy system.

What is Inner Tapping? It is a technique that guides you back to the original memories and events that created a given mindset. It […]


Our nature is to be joyful and loving. When people experience a trauma (it doesn’t have to be something huge, just perceived as life threatening or dangerous), and don’t discharge it, the experience seems to create a block in our energy system. Part of us becomes “stuck” in that moment, unable to move forward until we process and release the fears and beliefs. […]

Law of Attraction

Activating the Law of Attraction to bring us abundance of any kind (love, money, sucess) is not about ignoring reality. That’s rather like holding a beach ball under water- it takes time, focus and energy, and it gets tiring after awhile!