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Do you dream of feeling Light, Free, and Connected to Joy? If you are not feeling that way right now, what is weighing you down?

So many of us carry around stress and old wounds, like a large sack weighing down our soul. If we look inside this burdensome sack, we’d find a few grains of sand from every annoyance, a pebble for each stress, and a rock (or boulder) for each trauma. Such burdens give us much less energy to enjoy life. A lot of people ignore the sack; they just use will-power to muscle through the burden and get on with their lives. Carrying that weight is hard on the body and the mind. It saps energy, health, and focus. Even ignoring it takes effort and reduces our feelings of abundance. And of course, life has a way of adding new rocks, pebbles, and sand as we go.

How many people do you see around you, bowed down under the emotional burden they carry? Now imagine that there is a technique that allows you to take out the stones, one at a time, and toss them aside. A technique helps you transform fear and blame into calm wisdom. And in the process, some of the sand and pebbles start running out the side of the sack on their own. Any new stresses that come along get the same treatment. You start feeling lighter and more joyful. Life becomes fun. You can dance!

It is possible! A combination of healing modalities allows rapid and relatively painless release of trauma and negative beliefs.

I use a blend of Energy Tapping, Law of Attraction, Inner Child work, and Body Guidance. The tapping connects us to our body’s energy system and allows a rapid shift of perspective, while the inner child work targets specific beliefs and fears at the point they were stored. As old traumas and blocks are cleared, finding a connection with our own guidance allows us to move forward in the world more confidently and keep true to our individual path. The Law of Attraction teaches an empowering and positive approach to life. Even extremely traumatized people can heal and live the way they dreamed.

I tailor the techniques to each individual, using a combination of intuition and scientific analysis (I have a MS in Physics and a Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering). I work closely with Rick Wilkes from, one of the wisest and most intuitive people I know, applying and continually refining the process. Re-perceiving and releasing the energy that was needed to suppress and fight old beliefs is a wonderful way to revitalize your life and connect with a more joyful you!

If this sounds interesting to you, email me for a private session, or join Rick and I on the Thriving Now TEAM. We also have a number of recordings for sale to help you with specific issues.

Are you ready to join me on the journey to connecting to joy?

Cathy Vartuli
Cathy Vartuli
Emotional Freedom Coach
The Joy Connection, LLC

What other people say:

“Working with Cathy is always a joy. She is soft spoken, nurturing, intuitive, and incredibly intelligent. I love the way she works with the inner child and makes them feel safe, then brings them out the other side of their hurt, fear, and self-blame.”
— Judy Whitcraft

“I have worked with several EFT Practitioners, including a couple of the Masters, and it takes a lot to really impress me, yet I have never seen ANYTHING like the work Cathy does with inner-children!  It’s literally mind-boggling, both having her work on me and observing her work with others. She eloquently lasers into past trauma and facilitates major healing time and time again like it’s no big deal.  Before you even know what happened a huge energetic weight has been lifted and you feel so much lighter.  I don’t know how she does it but her sharp intuition, brilliantly honed tapping skills, compassionate spirit, and fierce dedication to doing her own work are some of the qualities that make Cathy and her application of EFT so extraordinary.”
— Joan, Washington State

“Compassion. Intuition. Insightful Questions. These are three qualities that make Cathy an INCREDIBLY talented tapping coach.  Cathy has a wonderful gift of intuition and asks just the right questions to uncover the specific issues. Her warm and compassionate heart comes through with every tapping session, especially in the challenging and difficult emotional issues. She’s very skilled at keeping the person on track, and gently directing them back to the issue at hand.

With Cathy’s extensive understanding and experience in tapping on the Inner Child, she brings a loving, caring, and very skilled intuitive approach. She was able to move me through many challenging issues with these techniques. While working with Cathy, it is very apparent that she is well-read and has done extensive research on numerous issues. She is able to see the big picture and piece issues together while offering a different insight and understanding.

I am extremely grateful to have the privilege of working with Cathy over the past two years. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take personal responsibility for their growth and well-being, and to anyone who seeks a kind, compassionate, and highly intuitive coach to assist them on their journey.”
–Karen Lebron

Is it possible to see the unseen? Yes, with the right process and the right technology… in the right hands.

My co-host for many of the Thriving Now Team workshops, teleclasses, and private forums is Cathy Vartuli, who is a scientist* skilled in the use of technology to analyze man-made structures (integrated circuits) down to the atomic level. To accomplish this feat she and her team carefully peel away layer after layer until they can shine a focused beam of energy upon the part of the circuit that may have a disruption or block or weakness.

How apt I find it that in her skilled use of EFT, she helps clients peel away layer after layer until they get to their previously hidden core issue. Then she softly yet directly focuses energy upon the issue and not only helps it to shift but also helps her clients gain insight in the process.

Cathy demonstrates the finest qualities of a coach… which includes being a student first and a teacher second. Her intuitive and energetic gifts are well-developed, and I find that she consistently is able to reflect back to her clients (including me) deep truths about the state of our emotions and beliefs and the movement of energy in the physical body that are difficult to see on our own. I am very pleased to have her as part of the Thriving Now coaching team.
— Rick Wilkes

* Cathy has a PhD in Material Science and Engineering and a Masters of Sciences in Physics.